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New beginnings

New beginnings

New beginnings

New beginningsNew beginnings


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Fabric Pizza Cat


photo-4 copy 3


I still find it very sad that a lot of woman  can not sew anymore.

We live in a crazy rat race world and if only these woman can realise how relaxing and therapeutic  it can be to sew and be creative.

This method of “pizza fabric” is especially something to enjoy as it is a creation of which there can only be one. There are no rules and covering your work with free motion sewing and creating patterns is like making an artwork.

There are so many variations  you can do here. Your options are endless.

You need:

– a picture

– scrap fabric and scrap lace or wool or anything soft that you can cut into small pieces.

– 2 piece of  thick fabric (like denim) the size you want your end product to be.

– batting (the type you use for quilting) for the back of your picture

– 1 piece of net/tulle, to cover your picture.

a sewing machine with a free hand embroidery foot.





On the blog  I found a brilliant way of transferring a picture to fabric.

Just see how easy this is:

Make a print out of the picture.

Draw with the chalk on the back of the picture. (on all the lines you want to transfer on your fabric.




Turn the paper with the right side facing you on the place you want your picture to be.

Draw with a pencil on all the lines and transfer the picture or writing.




Be careful not to move your paper while drawing the lines



Such an easy and cheap way – don’t you think? –  Thank you Wilma!

Now you can start  your fabric pizza product by colouring in your picture with scraps.

Cut your fabric or wool in small pieces and fill in the picture.




Cover your whole picture with a piece of net and pin it in place.



The colour black works best as other colours tend to fade the picture, but everything depends on the end product that you want.

Pin the batting at the back.

Now you can sew with your freehand embroidery foot using a normal straight stich.This is playing around as you can go up and down, left and right, making curls or twirls and patterns you want.

Make sure you sew everywhere and cover everything as the scraps on the inside will move around when you use the product.

photo-4 copy 2


If you look closely at my picture you will see I sewed in different directions to create an effect.

But remember – the are no rules here!

It is freehand motions and everything works.

You can even use different colours cotton to create different effects.

I always get compliments when I wear these bags as this is something you won’t find in shops.





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An all-day-denim bag from your old jeans

DSCN1271Don’t throw your old jeans away.

Use it again…..and again….

Here is an idea for a quick sewing project.



I used the bottom and one back pocket of the jeans.

Make sure you cut the pocket out with the fabric it has been sewn on.



Turn the bottom piece inside out and sew the bottom of your bag with a normal straight stitch. (the sides and top has already being done by your jeans manufacturer….)

DSCN1240Make a mess and fray the fabric around the pocket.

Sew it onto the bag.



Measure the ribbon and attach it to your bag at the back.

Add some detail – or something you love……



Sew a big button on the front to close the denim bag with your ribbon.



Take some of the left over pieces from the leg of the jeans and cut into  a long strip for the shoulder band.

In my case I had to join it – (my legs are not very long……..)

Sew the ribbon on top of the shoulder band and fray the sides to match it with the pocket on the front of the denim bag.







Join the shoulder band with the denim bag.





Try some different crochet flowers on your denim bag to match all your  outfits….



Fill your denim bag with your personal goodies

Wear it!

Love it!



So you have used only one leg……..




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Playing the recorder on the way to ballet…

Off to ballet class 1


Playing the recorder

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Off to ballet class



This is not a bag for Christmas gifts……

It is a bag for those tiny beginners clothes for the little ballet princess.

It is actually easy to make and took met about 2 hours.



The pattern



Cut the pattern for the different shades of pink.



Cut out the fabric pieces.

Cut 4 light pink legs. (2 for the outside and 2 for the lining)

Cut 2 of the dark pink shoes

Cut 2 pieces of batting to make it more stable.



Cut a long strip of fabric – about 4cm wide – for the ribbons and shoulder string.

Sew it and turn it inside out.  (The finished width ia about 1cm)



Put the dark pink ballet shoes on the pink leg with appliqué technique

and sew on the edges with a blankets stitch.

Sew the ribbons on with a double straight stitch.



Add the shoulder string.

Sew it together (wrong sides facing each other) making sure that the ribbons and ballet shoes match on all the edges.



Add the zip and lining for the inside.

You can also use velcro or make a loop with a button.







Add the clothes and goodies for ballet.



………and off to  ballet class!

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Can you play the recorder?

If the answer is yes – then you need to make one of these…..





The  finished dimensions for the bag: 12cm x 40cm

Any fabric will work – I used denim and printed cotton, batting and matching cotton.



Draw the picture you want to appliqué onto appliqué paper and iron it on the cotton.





Cut it neatly out, pull off the back paper and iron it onto the front of the bag.

Put the batting at the back of the fabric and pin it in place.

Do a top stitch/blanket stitch on the edge of the picture with you machine or by hand.





Draw the lines  for the music onto the fabric with a piece of soap or tailor’s chalk.



You can sew this part with a normal straight stitch and a normal machine foot.

You just need to make sure that the lines are parallel.



The musik notes was done with a  free hand embroidery foot.



You can make rough note marks with your tailor’s chalk and sew it with your freehand embroidery foot.

I call it playing with your machine as you can do anything and be free from any restrictions  here.



Finish all the detail you want on the outside.




Join the two pieces (denim with batting and the cotton) with wrong sides facing each other.




Finish off the edge of the short front with a piece of bias binding and put half of the velcro in place.

Fold the whole bag double and sew the edges together.

Cut bias binding – (this can be of the same fabric or the contrast)

Width – 5cm




Finish off your bag by sewing bias binding all around the bag.

Sew the other half of the velcro on the inside of the flap.



Now you can continue playing the recorder……

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T-shirt make over idea

I guess all of us have t-shirts that looks like this……


Thin, a bit washed out and a hole or two, three…….

This was such a nice-to-wear cool cotton t-shirt that I have decided to do a t-shirt make-over.

With a little bit of  grey crochet,


and some tacking with wool by hand,



I made myself a new t-shirt.

The grey piece at the bottom was the hem of another dress a shortened a while ago.

(It gave my white t-shirt a bit of extra length.)

The crochet work is a simple easy flower connected with a long chain stitch.

A t-shirt make-over with crochet idea!


What are you going to do with your old t-shirts?

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